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Metta Melts

28-Day Meditation Challenge ~ Day 22 Sunday, February 22, 2015 All week, it has been crazy cold in Charlottesville. We rarely get temperatures in the teens here but for many days last week it was in the single digits. Yesterday, Read More

Audio Buddha by Cazimiera

Concentrated Audio LovingKindness

Had a really amazing shift in my lovingkindness & sitting practices. I’ve begun to use the guided audio meditations that are provided on the Real Happiness audio CD and I’m finding them quite supportive.  The addition of the guided meditations Read More



Days like today remind me how grateful I am for Metta and how it helps me frame and hold my experiences. Today was a lot of physical pain and discomfort for me, so I metta-ed and then rested, slept and Read More

David Gabriel Fischer

Read, Sit & Write: Racing Concentration

Sitting. Meditating. Breathing. Watching the mobile device. Sitting. Sitting. Watching the breath. Sitting. Watching my Concentration. Breathing. Making lists in my head of blog titles. Sitting. Waiting for timer. Breathing. Sitting. Itching. Listening. Breathing some more, now write. Why do Read More


Lovingkindness Meditation

Audio CD or Download Buy on SoundsTrue Buy on Amazon Sample Tracks Lovingkindness Meditation Within your own heart is a limitless source of supreme energy—the energy of love. No other force in the universe compares to it. The world’s great Read More