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Om Shanti

Focusing on sound was tremendously difficult for me. I found it so much easier to focus on my breath, which admittedly I’ve used in meditation for years. With sounds, I found it very hard to avoid naming the sound and Read More

silence and more

Sit 9:30 till about 9:50 Sometimes the process of the “sit” gets too involved. Making time to listen to Sharon’s post.  Making time and space to sit, preferably without interruption from wandering, wondering family, fitting it in before or after Read More

Beginning Again – Already

It’s only Day 3 and I’ve already skipped a day of blogging, so today I begin again! So far I’ve enjoyed the format of Sharon’s meditations in that they are brief and easily digestible. Knowing that I don’t have to Read More

Let It Be – Paul Sang

Day 2 – Sit today 7:02 till 7:17ish plus hearing meditation time As I sat down in my favorite coffee shop here in NJ and fired up my laptop to write this entry, Paul McCartney’s voice crooned, “Let it be, let Read More

May all beings be happy ♡