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Day 5: How Do I Speak to Myself

I love this meditation.  I bet if you polled my friends they would tell you that I am basically a kind person.  Yet frequently, I am unkind to myself.  I nag myself constantly, I perceive myself as lazy, a professional Read More

Day 4: In, 1, In, 2

I find this variation super helpful.  Counting gives my monkey mind something to do (math is hard) and allows me to focus on the breath and really, truly, be in the moment. Only working for a few hours this afternoon Read More

#RealHappinessChallenge Day 2

It’s a chilly morning in Central Florida.  I’ve committed to get up each day at 6 am for the month of February, partly to allow myself some quiet time to meditate.  Today’s Hearing Meditation brought to mind the importance of Read More

The Ocean

The beach is often the most peaceful place for me to be. The dampness of salt water sprinkling onto my skin, the smell of the sea life and the gentle sound of the waves crashing ashore. All of it a Read More

This is the Practice

I am just winding down my Drynuary (a popular time in American culture for folks to choose to abstain from alcohol, or perhaps gluten, sugar, meat, Netflix binges–a bit of a secular Lent, if you will). Of course, as in Read More

Time to sit

This is exactly what I need – A boost of inspiration to #commit2sit It is time to remember that I already have everything I need and uncover the happiness always within me. I’m looking forward to receiving my book and Read More