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In the gathering-in of things

It’s been hit or miss this week. Mais ou menos, more or less. When I think about my practice, I often go straight for the book-learning. I’m so good at it. With my academic bent and inclination for structure—and my Read More

Bread/Breath by Roberto Terracciano

Video Breath: Sit, Write & Repeat

Started the day off with a morning sit. Cold Catskills wailing outside the caretakers cottage as snow flurries add a fresh layer of pristine crunch to the landscape. Thoughts were racing, as they are wont to do when I first Read More

Photo by Craig Milano

Piccoli Passi (aka Baby Steps)

Dr. Robert Thurman is a fan of Bill Murray films.  Specifically, Groundhog Day and What About Bob.  I know this because often in his dharma teachings he mentions both.  They are simple little movies if you look at them on Read More

Local & Global

Good Morning Sitters!  Today I continued working on Concentration.  I just read Alexandra’s post for the IDProject from Thailand.  And I loved her mention of the one thing at a time reminder.  That is helpful. Day 3 I decided to concentrate Read More


Start Small

I am thrilled to be joining all of you once again this year for the 28 Day Meditation Challenge! As we begin again in 2015 with our meditation challenge, I am reminded of what a challenge it is.  I have Read More

Bruce Jenner Photo Shopped Cover Pic by Mike Mozart

Trolling Bruce Jenner: Transferable Skills

One of the things Sharon mentions in her teachings & writings is that the skills learned in meditation practice are transferable. I didn’t understand what she meant till I started meditating daily & encountering people’s reactions to Bruce Jenner’s announcement Read More

David Gabriel Fischer

Read, Sit & Write: Racing Concentration

Sitting. Meditating. Breathing. Watching the mobile device. Sitting. Sitting. Watching the breath. Sitting. Watching my Concentration. Breathing. Making lists in my head of blog titles. Sitting. Waiting for timer. Breathing. Sitting. Itching. Listening. Breathing some more, now write. Why do Read More