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2017 Mindful Life Conference

Mindful Life Conference

A Happier, Healthier and More Fulfilling Life: The Power of Mindfulness and Compassion. This is a One of a Kind Gathering for All Things Mindful: Family Life, Work Life, Civic Life, Social Activism, Education, Health & Wellness and Culture. Join an extraordinary group of more than thirty presenters as we explore big-picture topics, learn practical tools and best practices, share success stories, make one-on-one connections and build community.



 Connect with people who are committed to exploring what it means to live a more mindful life.  Experience an environment that fosters authentic connections through organic group discussions, peer-led roundtables, partnering exercises, and social events. Learn from over 25 talks, panels, and workshops, as well as optional daylong intensives. Presenters include renowned thought leaders on mindfulness and compassion. Plus we’ll learn from each other as we share our own stories. Experience mindfulness meditation and other contemplative practices.  We have created space for you to be silent, still and connected to yourself, and we’ve included sessions dedicated to somatic mind-body exercises. Experience first-hand some of the techniques people are using to tame their minds and tap into the wisdom of their bodies.

 Conference Highlights Include

– Learning how to bring mindfulness and compassion into organizations

– Learning how to bring mindfulness and compassion into schools

– Exploring the state of the mindfulness movement – and discussing what’s ahead

– Examining racial and socio-economic diversity in the mindfulness movement

– Looking at the science behind mindfulness – and what it shows about how we can improve well-being and performance

– Exploring “Mindful Nation UK,” a new, groundbreaking report being used by the UK government to integrate mindfulness into education, healthcare, the criminal justice system and the workplace

– Looking at the core skills needed for conscious living and loving

– Engaging in yoga, mindful movement and other somatic practices

– Taking time for reflection and contemplative practice