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Day 19 – Challenging Emotions

I wasn’t feeling anger when I sat down… and it’s not something that arises often, but I have been feeling it more lately (because of a particular situation). I didn’t really want to bring anger forth–it’s uncomfortable enough when it Read More

Photo by Simón Góez E.

ON BEING BLOG What’s In Avoidance

Seeing the Second Option: What’s In Avoidance Weekly Column By Sharon Salzberg for On Being Blog Published October 12th, 2015 Through my own meditation practice and through teaching, I now know that dukkha, suffering, the sense of dis-ease in our Read More

The One You Feed

What we give our attention to can be the making of us, or the making of our destruction. Reading Sharon’s description of the parable of the two wolves, I wondered which wolf I’ve spent parts of my life feeding. As Read More