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Ucky Ducky Dan

Nothing about today’s meditation felt ‘right’. I was in a spiral of self doubt and loathing and found myself walking down a scattered path of yucky. Even writing this is a chore. Whereas the first six days I felt inspired Read More

It’s the whole YUMMY Universe

In general I experience ups and downs in waves. The clarity, peace and love in subtle moving juxtaposition to fear, separation and shame. In today’s meditation I had micro movements of the wave until the yummy scrumptious ice cream Sunday Read More

Fear and counting

Today was my first day of the practice where I have been in fear mode – a visceral reaction to life stuff. I started the meditation, got 3/4 of the way through and realized I hadn’t been listening at all. Read More

The Ocean

The beach is often the most peaceful place for me to be. The dampness of salt water sprinkling onto my skin, the smell of the sea life and the gentle sound of the waves crashing ashore. All of it a Read More

May all beings be happy ♡