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Paradigm Shift

Practicing lovingkindness is really a unique way to think and see. When walking around in my community, I am usually focused on my end goal (shopping list, appointments, errands…). Regarding strangers, I either direct judgments or indifference their way. When I bump into Read More

Shoveling Snow

I definitely do not need much prompting to recognize the achiness and stiffness my body feels from shoveling snow today from Winter Storm Niko. Immediately I lament how out of shape I have become. Perhaps my age is catching up and it is all Read More

Exaggerated Sensation

Balance, Edging, Rotary and Pressure. Terminology not used for walking, however these are the skills required for skiing. As a former downhill ski instructor, I taught these skills to beginner through expert skiers. As a student’s ability level  increased, the magnitude and refinement of Read More

The Distraction of the Running Dialogue

Sometimes the narrative I have running in my head can be quite compelling and utterly distracting. Today’s practice using “breath”/”not breath” helped me tame my urge to respond to the many thoughts. Quieting and allowing them to float off and Read More

Perfect Timing

As I struggle with the current political climate, I am grateful for the timing this challenge provides. In recent weeks, I have let my practice slide, been on edge and jumpy. What a relief, to attune my attention and focus my wandering Read More

Group Photo at the 2016 Real Happiness Closing Party

Recording of Closing Party

We had a lovely closing party on Monday, Feb 29th for the Challenge, complete with a door prize and popcorn! It was so nice to spend some time together in person, since the Challenge has been predominantly a virtual experience Read More

Thank you.

Like a baby bird leaving the nest, the time has come to take on a more independent practice. This has been a remarkable experience and journey. From the bottom of my heart, my gratitude goes out to the generous team Read More

The Deepest Sense of Gratitude

I have been so grateful to be part of this month-long, online gathering. It has brought me great insights into areas that might be blind spots for me and a reminder of why I started meditating to begin with. I’ve Read More

Just the Nature of Things

Recognizing the pain of suffering that one is in (whether ourselves or someone else) and holding that state with a sense of compassion can be such a healing balm. The ability to acknowledge that that suffering is “just the nature Read More