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May You Be Loved

I grew up in a very loving family…not a perfect family…but a very loving one. I was adopted, my twin sister and me and the serendipitous way that all came to be reinforces how much I know I am deeply Read More

What is Dana Ethan Nichtern

Thank You + The Practice of Dana

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank everyone who has donated  to the Real Happiness Challenge this month. Your contributions made it possible for us to offer this month of practice along with it’s support team and the Read More

Being Connected

We belong to the world and nothing exists independently. The practice of lovingkindness for me is this concept made real. It’s easy to feel connected and to want to share lovingkindness with those who are close or friendly to us Read More

There’s Good and then there’s GOOD!

When we are “othering”, compassion is lost. Separating myself from my own inherent good by trying to be perfect or casting my shortcomings onto someone else (blame), denies my interconnectedness to the world. There is always a kernel or seed Read More

May We All Be Well!

You know, even very early in the morning before sunrise (but under this spectacular full moon we’ve had that was descending over the ridge), there are many opportunities to practice lovingkindness. Today on the trail there were dozens of folks Read More

Cracking Open My Heart

It is so hard to give oneself the permission to receive…I learned only too recently that receiving graciously is allowing others to feel generous. I’ve also learned that being generous to my self is a gift I give to others. Read More

Lovingkindness Sharon Salzberg

Week Four of the Challenge

Lovingkindness opens our attention and makes it more inclusive, transforming the way we view ourselves and the world. Instead of being so caught up in the construct of “self” and “other” and “us” and “them” that we tend to walk Read More

The Freedom to Choose

The beauty of mindfulness practice is its inherent freedom. We are misled by our habitual responses that the ways in which we act out possess some sort of liberating quality. True freedom lives in pausing, noticing, accepting and letting go. Read More

I Know I’m not my thoughts but…

…boy do I ever get carried away by them. Curiously, this happens more often when thoughts arise around difficult/challenging circumstances; all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘should haves’. Then the imagined scenarios build and soon I have completely left my practice. Read More

Lodro Rinzler

Recording of Week Three Gathering

This week we met at the MNDFL in NYC for our Week Three Gathering with Lodro Rinzler. Here is a recording of the evening that includes a Dharma talk, a few guided meditations, questions and discussion. You may find some of your Read More