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Day 3

Today we sat in the living room before dinner so the kids don’t fall sleep. They getting better everyday, breathing more, relaxing more, focusing in the audio and themselves and they feeling the relaxing time, as well they enjoying that Read More

Real Happiness – Day One

Hello, The Real Happiness Meditation Challenge could not have come at a better time. The year is off to a sobering start. Fires rage in Australia. Impeachment hearings bring daily shocks here in the U.S. The coronavirus outbreak in China Read More

Fear and counting

Today was my first day of the practice where I have been in fear mode – a visceral reaction to life stuff. I started the meditation, got 3/4 of the way through and realized I hadn’t been listening at all. Read More

The Ocean

The beach is often the most peaceful place for me to be. The dampness of salt water sprinkling onto my skin, the smell of the sea life and the gentle sound of the waves crashing ashore. All of it a Read More

The Music of Everyday Sounds

Recently, I had the opportunity to grow very quiet for almost a year. I went from very busy to very quiet almost overnight. It took awhile, but after a couple of months, I began to hear the music of everyday Read More

When Life Happens All At Once

We need to meditate precisely when we feel we lack the time. This past week, friends from Nepal have been visiting and running a workshop on traditional Nepali thangka painting. This means that dinnertime conversation has revolved around the meaning Read More

This is not breath Day 7

Day 7 instruction is very helpful. When discursive thoughts arise during Shamatha Vipassana meditation instead of labeling them as “thinking,” saying “this is not breath,” allows more ease and focus back to the breath. Thank you!

partly cloudy with a chance of rain

The mind is like the sky and thoughts are like clouds floating by.  This imagery has always helped when I have struggled with the sticky thoughts. I love the idea of a clear blue empty sky but often have a Read More

wandering through bliss

I thought this morning’s meditation would be a breeze because I was feeling pretty blissed out.  Happy with my yesterday, my outlook on today, things are all good.  So all those monkey mind thoughts were absent and I was just Read More

May all beings be happy ♡