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Day 3: Breath with Mental Noting

It was clear what I would try today, once I’d settled into my admittedly floppy pose (there are pros and cons to meditating on a couch). I used the mental note of “in” and “out” for a minute, but then Read More

Mental noting

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. It took me three tries listening to this guided meditation to stay awake all the way through. And I experienced a little frustration with myself. But then I let it go. Having a consistent Read More

Just breathe

Since I was a young child, I’ve experienced “big feelings”. Even as a three-year-old, some of my earliest memories were intense worry. I didn’t learn the word anxiety until much later, but the experience has been with me my entire Read More

Starting over, one breath at a time

I was first introduced to meditation many years ago by a yoga teacher whose combined yoga and meditation class fit best into my working mom schedule. I was transformed by her introduction of Metta. I read Sharon’s book, Lovingkindness and Read More

Navigating New Territory

After an emotionally trying year – starting just about the time I began Sharon’s “Real Happiness Meditation Challenge” in 2016 (for my first time) – I’m excited to be taking the challenge again, and involving members of my family as Read More

May all beings be happy ♡