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Warm Fuzzy

Sending lovingkindness out to all beings gave me such a comforting feeling. I kept it very general and broad so as to not get caught up with ‘difficult’ beings. As such, I felt hopeful. I felt grateful for all the good that Read More

Embrace Energy

Opening the Heart meditation has got to be one of the most powerful and nurturing meditations I can offer myself. I am not certain what metaphysical aspects come into play here, but during this practice, I can actually feel a gathering of Read More

Paradigm Shift

Practicing lovingkindness is really a unique way to think and see. When walking around in my community, I am usually focused on my end goal (shopping list, appointments, errands…). Regarding strangers, I either direct judgments or indifference their way. When I bump into Read More

Enlightened Dishes

I try to get chores and household tasks done as quickly as possible. I guess scrubbing dishes keeps me from more exciting activities that I can do… even though I will probably not be doing anything much more exciting in Read More

Idle Engagement

It is so hard to not daydream and linger on pleasant thoughts or productively ruminate unpleasant ones while meditating. My days are usually packed full of responsibilities to my work and care of my family. My downtime is limited. So when Read More

Zero Sum

Balance is so easy to think of as opposite forces at play. Classic visual example would be a scale in a state of equilibrium with equal distribution of weight. As I sat today, I thought of balance as being more circular, a cycle of energy Read More

Silent Critic

My self-talk was so easy-going today… my mind wandered so many times during this practice, and it was perfectly fine with me. Reflecting on the quality of my day… turns out I am tired and in a lazy mood. Still in Read More

Real Time

Counting meditation has a way of constraining me as I get caught up in measuring progress and results. My focus begins to concentrate on achieving a number, causing me to judge how high I am able to reach. This time around, Read More

Simple Reminder

As I sat and slowed my mind, I mentally notated the word awareness. Notating made it easier for me to catch the moment my mind began to wander and allowed me greater ease to stay present. It helped settle the chaos of my thoughts.

Peaceful Noise

As I sat, the intrusion of ambient noise became pleasant. Dogs barking in the distance, cars passing, the furnace starting up blowing forced air, my office chair creaking as I adjusted my position. The longer I sat, the sharper my concentration became and Read More

May all beings be happy ♡