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#RealHappiness Day 28

The final day – is it the end or a beginning? Sharon points out that this is a great opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our practice, but to be realistic about our practice and make a reasonable commitment. A regular Read More

#RealHappiness Day 26

Today’s lesson looked at offering lovingkindness to all beings.  To me, it’s a reminder that humans are not the only ones who need lovingkindness.  I need to pay more attention to all the life around me. In the meditation, Sharon Read More

#RealHappiness Day 25

I usually listen to this meditation a few times. It is an area I have struggled with.  Lovingkindness towards others has been difficult for me in the past, especially the part where we visualize someone we have difficulty with.  Last Read More

#RealHappiness Day 24

Today brings us back to the magic moment of when we catch ourselves drifting off during meditation.  That’s the moment of awareness. Sharon again reminds us to be kind to ourselves and practice lovingkindness towards ourselves.  This practice of being Read More

#RealHappiness Day 23

I’m a little behind again.  Life… I’m trying to be kind and gentle with myself for missing these meditations, but it’s a challenge. Today’s meditation tip really speaks to me.  I get frustrated with all the us/them in the news.  Read More

Real Happiness – Day Fourteen

Hello again, One of the greatest gifts of meditation is that we develop the habit of stabilizing our ability to be in the present moment and have the opportunity to bring more awareness to our every day interactions. This week’s Read More

#RealHappiness Day 12

What a wonderful day for an eating meditation.  I have an unexpected house guest from China.  Today was cooking lesson day with a new wok.  Of course the wok had to be seasoned – so already the smells of cooking Read More

#RealHappiness Day 7

Wow – it’s the end of Week 1!  Did it fly by for you?  It did for me.  Reflecting on this week of concentration exercises, I find myself feeling most comfortable with the counting meditation and the image of thoughts Read More

#RealHappiness Day 5

What a powerful lesson #SharonSalzberg has for us today – “finding that magic moment when we realize we’ve been distracted”.  What a great reframe!  How many times have I felt like I was doing something wrong because I got distracted?  Read More

Holding and Honoring the Breath

Meditating on the Breath: I place the breath forefront in my awareness; I feel it first, and I give myself permission to just breathe. I experience an inherent forgiveness in letting everything else go but the breath. There is a Read More