It takes Both Concentration and Mindfulness to See the Rain

real Happiness 28 day meditation challenge Sharon Salzberg

Rain the Brain on Meditation

Day 9- It’s the beginning of the second week of the Real Happiness challenge and raining again.  It’s the perfect backdrop for my morning meditation.  So, I eagerly get right to it.  Ahhh, to listen to the rain.  Except of course, that despite my impeccable grasp of diaphragmatic breath and focused concentration, my mind races to plethora of tasks I have to accomplish today.  With some effort I channel this into things I should just add to my list for things to do today.  As you can see the progress is slow! Finally, I resolve to cut it out entirely.

I intently remind myself that this time I have chosen to take to “just be” and meditate is brief and fleeting and that my endless lists will still be here when I’m done.  I’ve had enough experience in this to know the feeling of having fretted away precious quiet meditation time in lieu of paying attention to the work that will inevitably take the rest of our day.

I am reminded that to truly get the most out of the meditation we must combine the technique of concentration and the practice of mindfulness.  This can be more difficult than it appears at first glance.  However, it’s well worth it.  I went back to paying attention.  I was able to notice the slight remnants of the habitual planner in me, but at the same time focus primarily on enjoying the symphony of the rain.  In the end, I felt refreshed and ready to take on the day.

It was not that long ago that it occurred to me that wherever we are we need to practice being there, even if it is unpleasant or boring.  Otherwise, we will soon find ourselves somewhere else during those times it really matters, being only partially present with people we truly care about.  Read more in “Wherever You are You are Somewhere Else”

If you haven’t done so already I, along with meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg, challenge you to join us on this 28 day Real Happiness journey. In addition to resources at check out and access a free sample meditation to follow along: Click for meditation

Come along there is still time to Begin!


May all beings be happy ♡