Taking a Chance to Pause – with Andrea D

Today I had the chance to practice with a group, and certainly appreciated the group support in my practice. I didn’t get much sleep the past few nights so the first half of the sitting period I noticed definite drowsiness and sleepiness, without falling asleep outright. Trying to bring my awareness to my present moment experience and my thoughts was like trying to walk through deep, thick mud. By the time the bell rang for the end of the sit, I was surprised at how fast the sitting period went, but I suppose that the passage of time is so much different when I’m caught up in thinking mind.
I’m still grateful I took the time to practice, despite my sleepiness. I reflected on how different I felt after the end of the sitting period, and how the practice of meditation is truly a practice of transformation, although I can’t explain the mystery behind how this happens.
A habit I’ve been catching myself doing lately is getting caught up in busyness before I leave my house to go to work or on an errand. I find the energy of being rushed and trying to get as much done as possible carries over into the next activity, and I don’t have much space to slow down and breathe. Today I managed to catch myself doing this yet again, and thought that perhaps I could do something differently. With a whole five minutes left before I had to leave the house, I sat down in the living room and watched the sunrise out the window. Of course, it was barely a few seconds before my mind was off making up stories about what I saw and my plans for the day, but it definitely left a different energy than trying to finish errands around the house.