Tea Break

I love tea.  I have a tea maker that rivals any fancy coffee machine.  I only use loose tea.  I even have a traveling tea maker kit I take on business trips and vacation.

We purchased the tea maker five years ago.  It was just before my husband had his first surgical attempt to get the cancer out of his body.  It also happened to be the first February I was learning to be more mindful.  From the first unboxing making tea has been one of the most mindful parts of my day.  

I am completely present as I choose the tea, measure the leaves, fill the pot with the proper amount of water and choose the right temperature setting for the particular tea I have chosen.  I prepare my mug with sugar.  I wait.  With patience, watching the water become tea I wait.  

I pour, slowly-savoring the aroma and the wisps of heat escaping the cup.  I stir, listening as the spoon hits the sides of the clay cup making sounds like a wind chime in the middle of a storm.

May all beings be happy ♡