Thai massage

Today in the 21 Day Meditation Experience the Centering Thought is

I am one with the breath of life.

and the mantra is

So Hum

In the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success Wednesday is the Law of Least Effort and the mantra is

Om Daksham Namah

The Mahavakya for Wednesday is


The mantra to open the second chakra is

Om Rakini Namaha

Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

I am happy in the moment, without expectations.


Today I went for the Thai massage. My dear body needed that. The lady took the tension away and balanced the energies on the two meridians. The hot stones felt reinvigorating, grounding and helped release pent up emotions and tension.

I feel wealthy.

I sense my connection to the living energy field that sustains me.

I am moving toward health and wholeness, aligned with the underlying energy of creation.

Food as I understand it is not only the one we ingest through the mouth but also thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and energy.