Thank You

I fell asleep.  During the last day of the challenge and practice I fell asleep.

I had grand plans for listening to the last recording on the beach at sunset with my spouse who was also completing the challenge.  We both forgot.  We were so caught up in being present on the beach as the sun went down.  Then we lingered for the show of purple that followed the glow of orange.  Then we were hungry.  Then we needed ice cream.  Then we remembered that we forgot our plan.  We were so mindful of our moment we forgot To stop and be interested tionally mindful.

Once back in our hotel we cued the practice.  And it seems I did not get past Sharon’s welcome before I fell asleep.  And kept sleeping though the night into today.  March 1.

And in this morning light I give thanks for the challenge.  And the ability to be so present on that beach last night.  The ability to keep moving on when I realized I had not followed through with my intention.  The gift of grace.  And for the sleep.  And for all of it.





May all beings be happy ♡