Thank you!

I have had a great time doing this. I had already committed to daily practice, but I will make a formal commitment to ten minutes a day through March. I can re-evaluate then, and see if there is another formal commitment. This reminds me of the story of Gudo and Mu-nan in Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, when Mu-nan followed Gudo and begged to follow another five miles, another ten, and for the rest of his life.

And I am better with an everyday commitment than I am with a three-times-a-week commitment – I’d rather fail sometimes by being unable to meditate one day than give myself to promise that tomorrow I will meditate. Because there is a lot happening tomorrow, isn’t there? That’s the day we’re going to sleep more, exercise more, drink less, work harder…

May all be happy, and may I do my part.