That’s All Right.

Twenty-eight days. Four weeks. Such a neat bundle of time to dedicate oneself to sitting in daily mediation, guided by the wisdom and soothing voice of Sharon Salzberg. How hard could it be?

This is my second year for the challenge as both sitter and blogger. And although I probably followed most of the guided meditations last February, I only posted one blog entry. I’m not a blogger, I announced so boldly in that one letter to the world before falling silent the rest of the month.

Two things Sharon says this year in the first meditation that I ponder as I try to re-board the bus:

That’s all right.

Simply return.

Breathe, she says. Follow the the breath. “And if you see your attention jumping to the past, jumping to the future, judgment, speculation, that’s all right. Our practice is to gently let go and simply return.”

What better words to hear during these times as we try to mend the broken cup: That’s all right. If you find yourself lost in frustration and despair about current events, gently let go. Checking the news over and over and over in shock, awe and anguish?  Let go and return to the breath. Gently.

If only for a second, I will try to concentrate on my breath and let go of judgment and speculation. A minute, now twenty. For twenty-eight days.

This I will do—and blog more than once.

And if I don’t, that’s all right.


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May all beings be happy ♡