The Clouds Of My Mind

Thoughts are interesting.  Where do they come from?  Where will they lead me if I try to follow them?  How do I really just let it all flow?

The meditation of working with thoughts is a deep practice.  It was easier when I listened to the guided meditation.  I was so focused on Sharon’s voice  that I didn’t notice the lingering thoughts that usually arise when it is really quiet at my house. I watched the clouds of my mind as I sat here with an edge of fever getting ready for a trip to New Mexico tomorrow for eight days.  Worry snuck in with fear and I just noted them and let them glide on by. By paying attention, they lost their energy. Breathing deeply into the moment and letting the clouds of my mind roll on by was truly helpful.

Thoughts hit me the hardest at night or in the wee hours of the morning.  With the experience of grief that I have experienced this past year, thoughts sometimes sneak in or blow in like a thunderous roar.  The mental noting helped diminish the intensity.  Paying attention to the patterns behind the difficult emotions diffused the drama seeking to rumble within my mind. This practice is highly beneficial for me at night or when I wake up at 2am. “Too many thoughts,” as my acupuncturist repeated.

I love how Sharon said our thoughts are just visitors and we don’t have to invite them IN. A powerful reminder that I am in charge of my mind and like clouds, the thoughts can roll on by.~ Veronica


May all beings be happy ♡