the moment you’ve realized you wander phase 2

Missed a day of meditation yesterday for no particular reason. Something Sharon said about that moment of beginning again and the possibility that this is a moment to relish.  Metaphorically, I wander repeatedly throughout my days, throughout my week, my years, my life.  Whether it is adherence to a dietary change for the sake of my health, or a commitment to stay present in the classroom at work, my usual response to noticing that I am off track (again) is to feel defeated, self-critical, overwhelmed and discouraged.  This is idea that the moment we ‘begin again’ as opportunity suddenly fills my day with a continuous stream of opportunity like a waterfall of possibility and practice.  Blogging is strange as I self consciously wonder if anyone will read this, hoping so hoping not.  I must admit I am not reading the blog of others.

May all beings be happy ♡