The Pain Of Love, Please Be Well Sharon

I was shocked by the email this morning saying Sharon had a medical emergency and had been hospitalized. I’ve been crying all day. Feeling selfish that in the midst of Sharon’s health struggles all I can think of is how devastating it’d be not to have you in my life Sharon.
How your voice on the Metta Hour soothes me like a steady companion on road trips. How all your books and courses have given me so much practical help in getting through my life, being more fully present through years of infertility, leaving NYC after 17 years there, my father in law’s death last October, struggling with not passing my Boards… all the setbacks and heartaches and I can hear your voice helping me reframe things; helping me know that whatever’s happening I can choose self kindness and be compassionate with myself and others.
I know theoretically the tenants of impermanence and that tomorrow is not promised, but all I can feel right now is terrified that you might be gone. Magically I want you to live forever and keep writing, teaching, sharing all your heart with all of us. I know you’re not immortal but I can’t seem to stop sobbing at the thought of living in this world without you in it. I know you have no control over what happens. Please know how profound an impact you’ve had on my life and thousands of others. Sending you all the loving kindness that you’ve so generously shared with the world for many decades. I love you. May you be well.

May all beings be happy ♡