The Present

During meditation, I sometimes find myself getting caught up with difficult thoughts or emotions and if I go in too deep and try to analyze and understand, things get murky and cloudy, questions begets questions. I have difficulty letting go until I get to the root and solve the problem.

During meditation, I am learning to catch myself before I go too deep. I am finally beginning to realize that the time I put aside for meditation is not the time for solving problems or sorting through my to-do list. I am beginning to realize that during my practice, I am better served by remaining more near the surface, and simply accept things as they are. Building up to this has taken some time. But by doing so, I am able to remain more in the present moment, where things are straightforward.

It is here, in the present, where I feel I can tap the most compassion for myself and for others. I do not need to understand to act.

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