The rather long way I settled into my posture – mental noting meditation

the tip section of day 3 Sharon talks about settling into your posture.

This is how I settled into my posture today :

1. Saying “Maybe I will do this meditation later.”

2. Cooking lunch hours early, to avoid meditating.

3.  Snuggling with the cat, since that seemed really important suddenly.

4. Looking at the computer and then thinking maybe I needed to clean out the shower drain instead.  In fact let me tackle my To Do List.

5. Getting a yoga video cued up for tomorrow.  Even though I don’t really need to cue up a yoga video for tomorrow.

6. Taking a rest from all that avoiding meditation

7. Getting up and going to get a glass of water and seeing my computer was open and I had not done today’s meditation

8. Taking a peek at the meditation, and previewing the meditation while standing.  And the breath awareness calmed me even when I was not properly prepped or settled for meditation.

9. Seeing that it was a pretty cool meditation, I laid down and did the meditation properly, and it only took a few minutes after three hours of avoiding it.

May all beings be happy ♡