The Way We Speak to Ourselves

Hello, Real Happiness community!

So, how was your 5th day with this challenge? I think Sharon brought up an incredibly helpful suggestion in today’s teaching when she asked us to consider how we speak to ourselves when we find our minds have wandered. This is a powerful inquiry. How many of you found that you were harsh with yourself or unkind? Were you aware of that little voice that you hear when you find yourself distracted? For me, this is a moment where I can offer myself some compassion for the way I tend to judge my wandering mind. I hope your meditation practice is helping to illuminate new things for you about what your personal narrative sounds like. When we bring a sense of curiosity to our practice, we can truly grow as we observe our thoughts without judging ourselves.  Offering kindness to ourselves the way we would someone in our lives that we truly care for is a simple ask and yet, so difficult for so many of us. Here’s to self-compassion all day, every day.

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