This one packs a whallop

This one – this meditation on the components of an emotion – hits pretty hard. I was definitely not ready for this.

I was off in a rushing river of thought and emotion while Sharon spoke. I did the meditation, then came back to see how well I had followed what Sharon was saying.

The Joyous feeling, seeing it melt and dissolve into components was weird, unexpected.

There was a sadness for having worked with the joy.  A loss, maybe?

Then working with anger, I had this feeling of being much younger. It was like a younger less experienced me was in the conflict.

I am glad to be able to try to put this into words. Writing it here helps sort this out.

Huh, this definitely has me asking what just happened here.

One more day of the emotions work in the challenge, but this feels all really important to continue with.

Thanks again, Sharon.  Deep material here.

May all beings be happy ♡