Today I say Opps and move on

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A teacher once shared that a young student of hers had a habit of calling herself stupid when she made a mistake. Knowing how that would effect the child’s confidence and chance at success, she offered a substitution that would re-frame the error and prevent her from labeling herself. The substituted word was “opps” and it not only normalized the process of learning and making errors as natural but also created a sense of spaciousness around it.  I loved it, and it fit with a similar favorite saying of mine that I use personally and offer in therapy with clients.

But, today the phrase “opps” seems more fitting as I discover a blunder in my posting.  Yesterday I posted a post and checked throughout the day if it had posted, but I apparently never previewed it. It was a fine post but reflected another copy and past of a portion of an article rather than the post I wrote yesterday for Valentines day. Was that a big deal? Of course not, but like the small child I sometimes find it easy to pause longer than I need to in the place of “oh no, and why didnt you, and you should have.” Today I found myself singing “opps” and move on as I chuckle at my oversight, even more fitting as the post was about allowing things to be as they are.

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Come along there is still time to Begin!

May all beings be happy ♡