Universal Radiance

A particular aspect of today’s, ‘interconnectedness’ meditation truly resonated with me. Sharon spoke about looking at a tree and seeing it as a “single solid entity.” Viewing in such a way allows me to enjoy its restorative beauty.

She then offered another way to see and sense the interconnectedness of the tree. To recognize the nurturing quality of nature (the rain, air, sun and moon) that gave rise to it. Then to consider the stewards tending to the plot of land on which the tree grows. Regarding the tree in this way elevated my impression and caused me to delight in a similar reflection.

Not long ago, I traveled to the Longji Rice Terraces in the mountains of China. These layered terraces coil upwards from the foot of the mountain all the way to the summit to an altitude of more than 2,500 feet.

From my vantage point, perched high on the edge, the immense valley lay before me. It was stunning and absolutely breathtaking. Not unlike taking in the awesome magnificence of a natural landscape such as the Grand Canyon, this experience left me even more humble. Not only did nature provide for this expanse through eons and fickle climate patterns, but the tremendous scale of its cultivation was the result of more than 650 years of strenuous labor and care from the Zuang and Yao peoples. All of this came together and produced a grain of rice. Standing there, I felt deeply moved and connected to other facets of the world.

Meditation has certainly provided me a practical and stable platform to cultivate the freeing force of equanimity for myself. I did not realize the extent of its power to generate a radiant force to include love, kindness, joy and compassion that I would feel towards all others as well.


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May all beings be happy ♡