Video Breath: Sit, Write & Repeat

Started the day off with a morning sit. Cold Catskills wailing outside the caretakers cottage as snow flurries add a fresh layer of pristine crunch to the landscape. Thoughts were racing, as they are wont to do when I first emerge from slumber.

Ended up having a fairly extended negotiation with myself on if I was going to sit or not.  Told myself since I had just written about book ending my day with practice on the blog I had to follow through & that I’d do just half of my usual time. Using the Insight Timer mobile phone ap which allows you to set an interval timer (which I’ve set to chime when I’ve gotten ten minutes in) I got myself onto the cushion.

Bread/Breath by Roberto Terracciano

Once I had gotten my legs crossed, shoulders squared and brought my attention onto my breath I was overcome with a great feeling of calm gratitude and didn’t even remember I was going to ditch out halfway through.  I’m seeing the value of structured meditation sitting in community. The writing of a public meditation journal is allowing me who doesn’t have access to a regular physical Sangha (practice community) the benefits of one. It’s making me externalize my intention & hold myself to it.

Each time I sit during the Real Happiness Meditation Challenge I get a feeling of being connected to others who have committed to sit in community. Past couple sits- between the racing thoughts, incessant list making & images of Jedi Masters my mind has been wandering to a video I saw on the BuddhaFest DC Facbook Page called ‘Breath’ made by The Mercadantes & Directed by Daniel Mercadante.

The short film captures the deepening feeling of interconnectedness I’m finding each time I sit:

Super grateful for the space to share my practice with my fellow sitters & for the kindness of all my teachers- both formal & informal ones.

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