Waffling Compassion

Maybe I am missing something in today’s ‘meditation on compassion.’ I can fully acknowledge and accept difficult emotions as a quality of being human that arises out of our control. I can recognize these painful states as suffering in others and myself and do feel strong compassion (sometimes to the point of burnout). I do not consider these emotions as inherently bad or wrong. (for that matter, when I *feel* angry, I do not feel shamed by it. On the contrary… I can feel a touch of righteousness.)

I struggle accepting *unskillful reaction* to these difficult emotions. I can get hung up in an angry or anxious mood, and not be able to let go easily. I can get frustrated when I or someone else loses control of their emotions (unless a justifiable cause is obvious). When this happens, I can become impatient and my compassion diminishes as anger may begin to take hold. It is more about how I (others) choose to react and what I (others) do, instead of how I may actually feel.

Perhaps I am separating what could be joined (feeling and response) and allow compassion to remain consistent. This quite possibly could be what is takes to not allow those negative states to grow.


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  • I think it’s great that you do not feel shamed by your anger. And I would agree that anger and other difficult emotions are not inherently bad or wrong. Often times, as you noted, anger takes over and we are no longer choosing to respond in a conscious way. I think you can allow compassion to remain consistent and it is always worth experimenting with. Thank you for this post.

    • Linda

      thank you… sometimes I believe I can over think things as well.

May all beings be happy ♡