Walking meditation vs at-home self-care day

Today is the first day this week I get to be at home in the morning.

But the meditation says to go outside and practice sending good wishes to people.

I shall send myself compassion — I want to get the meditation challenge perfect, but I need the self-care of staying at home right now.

It is really hard to offer myself this compassion. Even as it feels important.

There is no Right answer, and the best I can do is be kind with myself. My instinct is to figure it out, instead of offering myself kindness.

This is hard, but I can see how the compassion is more important than the Gold Star.

Much love to Sharon

Much goodness to Lily who sends us Sharon reminder emails each day.

And some compassion for me who is not sure any of this is right, but will trust the path forward is worth it.

May all beings be happy ♡