Walking – the second version

I drew a picture of Sharon on a notecard saying, “You are meditating right now!”  I didn’t quite understand the directions, so I improvised a bit.

I carried the notecard reminder with me as I walked through the apartment.

but wow –

I was not sure how this would be different from walking #1 meditation, other than I was going to lose my place.  With the notecard in my hand this was the easiest to return to.

5 minutes in ….and…I noticed my earlier meal had not really settled.  It was just a subtle noticing, if I were not paying attention it would have gone unseen.

7 minutes in I noticed that I take very tentative steps in parts of my apartment.  The floor is a little slippery in bare feet.  I never had noticed.

10 minutes in I saw that I was getting anxious.  But it was more that I had been anxious already.  The anxity had been there.  My roommate is not back yet and the streets are snowy and I had not noticed I was a bit anxious about that.

15 minutes in I wanted to slow down and do the second half of the meditation, but slowing down made me more anxious.

18 minutes in I saw that this time I was just anxious to write this all down!!  A GOOD anxiety to have!

This was such a lovely meditation, it was my body speaking quiet insights.

Bravo, Sharon, this was such a different part of my brain.

Much goodness to you all, I love reading how different we all process these meditations.

May all beings be happy ♡