Washing Dishes (Day 14) – Mindfulness of the Body (Week 2)

Honestly, my first thought was, “I am always washing dishes.”

Which of course is not true, as I find time for also doing laundry. Thank-ya-very-much.

Shifting the attention here feels like the key to unlocking further mindfulness opportunities… as mentioned earlier, there are always dishes to be done.

There are many daily things that need to ‘get done’… so we focus on that, getting them done & less on the actual joy of doing something. Can there be joy in dishes? Jury is still out, but there can be curiosity or a level of interest that can be cultivated by staying in that sink, with that sponge, mentally, until you are done.

I’ll keep you posted, but I’m keeping my dishwasher.


May all beings be happy ♡