Washing Dishes

This morning I emptied the dish washer and cleaned up the dishes mindfully. It was a challenge to be sure but when I found myself drifting into thoughts I just noted them and returned my attention to the dishes.

With this exercise and yesterdays on drinking tea, I’m finding I’m becoming more conscious of more simple tasks throughout the day and thinking about mindfulness. I am noting that this is what happens when you practice!

Since I started this challenge I’ve been adding to my regular meditation practice rather than replacing it. Every day I either do a self-timed meditation or I do a guided meditation using the Insight Timer app. I’ve used a lot of different apps but I seem to be sticking with this one the most. I’m noticing with adding this to my regular routine that I’m doing multiple short sessions every day. This seems to fit my natural tendency to jump around to different short tasks throughout the day. I would like to experiment with less abrupt, short tasks and try less, longer sessions.

May all beings be happy ♡