My Week 1 Plan – Balance and Concentration

just rolling with it sketch headshotHere’s how my plan for Week 1 of the 28-Day Meditation Challenge is shaping-up. Because my focus for the challenge is on Real Happiness at Work, my plan is going to be a little different than the basic structure.

I’ll keep this post updated as the plan evolves!


Week 1 – Balance and Concentration

-Read the Balance and Concentration chapters of Real Happiness at Work

-Meditate for 30-45 minutes each morning

Meditating for 30-45 minutes each morning helps me set a very solid foundation for the day and I notice the difference in the day if I don’t sit first-thing in the morning. First-thing for me, at least right now, means waking up, taking the dog for a walk, and sitting down to meditate around 7AM.

The morning session also helps me set the priorities that are so critical to focusing my day. After the morning meditation session is completed, it’s time to make bulletproof coffee, which in itself is a form of meditation for me, as I try and focus on only doing it and nothing else. This is my version of the “Drinking Tea” meditation in the Balance chapter of Real Happiness at Work.

Once the coffee’s made, I sit-down at my computer and write down the priorities that will focus my day, before I do anything else, like check email or social networks. Then I’m ready to start the day.

-Meditate once or twice more during the day, for 10-15 minutes

Mid-morning, between 10A-11A, and mid-afternoon, between 2:30P-3:30P are very helpful times for me to hit pause and take a few minutes to sit. These are the times in the day when my stress begins to peak and can start to overwhelm me, if I don’t take some time out to breathe. I’m going to try and work with the Meditation on Balance and Walking Meditation during these times, in at least one and hopefully both of these time slots.

Questions for you –

What does your morning routine look like?

When do you find time to sit during the day?

What are the peak times of stress in your day?

Let’s discuss in the comments!