What’s Expensive is Free–Or Vis a Vis

I am going to make mine poetic, meaningful stream of consciousness posts this year!



It’s a commodity.

It’s very expensive …

… when distraction is everywhere …

… distraction is free.

More and more of it.



Fits like a glove.

Makes us feel better.

All those likes, photos, memes, affirmations.

Protecting us.

When our fears come up.

When anything comes up …

… that we don’t think we like, at first.

But wanting isn’t what we really want.

We want what we need.

And we need to grow.

Our minds like big plants stuffed in fishbowls.

Of what we think is true.

What is the past tense.

Imprinting on future’s fiction.

Around and around.





We need the space of now.

We need our butts on the Earth.

Even if we are 17+ floors above it.

We sit down.

Let the support take over.

And we need our head in the sky.

Reaching up.



Meeting the sunlight.


Letting it humble our egos.

Shatter the fishbowl of logic.

Expand our form.

Make us holy.

Like the day we were born, again.

We have a choice.

Distraction prevents all of this.

Until one day we can’t find one strong enough.

To match something life throws our way.

And the floodgates open.

We are drowning.

When I sit, I feel it all.

The more I sit, the less the baby cries.

Just to be heard.

It only wanted to be heard.

To be held.

To be acknowledged.

Not hidden.

Not ashamed of.

Not run away from.

Not denied.

Who are we?

All of it.


Embrace it.

And feel the freedom hug you back.

When we get in there.


What was free becomes expensive.

What is expensive, suddenly free.


The moments.

SO much more yours.

What I want from that moment.

What I choose from that moment.

Suddenly they exist.


And when it’s gone.

Another is here.

What will I do with it?

I am not afraid.

I know what to do.

I know how to raise myself.

It’s all I have.

It’s all I’ve ever really had.

Every moment.


How expensive, distractions.



*This is my fourth challenge. I’m so blessed to have found out about it because it was what helped me develop a nearly-daily sitting practice. And that practice, more than any other, has changed my life in many,  noticeable ways.

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