Today in 21 Day Meditation Experience the centering thought is

I create my perfect health.

and the mantra is

Sat Chit Ananda

In the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success today is the Law of Pure Potentiality and the mantra is

Om Bhavam Namah

The Mahavakya for Sunday is

Aham Brahmasmi

The mantra to activate the Shakti of the 7th Chakra is

Om Katyayani Namaha

Today I started to practice the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success with my kid. He is 12 and as I listened to Deepak’s book The 7 Spiritual Laws for parents I started today.

Everything is possible.

I am moving toward health and wholeness, aligned with the underlying energy of creation.

I feel wealthy.

I am worthy.

I am enough.

I am filled with power.

Om A-eem Saraswatayai Namaha Om