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Due to the popularity of the American people's superbals, in 1970 to 1980, NFL also strengthened the status promotion of the superblush in the US most popular sports, making the super bowl in the importance of US sports culture. one. In 1970, the United States specially established a TV show. The user promotes nike nfl jerseys china. After the first start broadcasting, there is not much since the beginning of the game, so it uses the form of mixed entertainment play, increase the ratings, because the resultant is not too much, back In order to increase the ratings, cheap nfl jerseys from china also implant the fast-paced competition style to the game process, to attract some loyal users and loyal fans,wholesale nike nfl jerseys games and other US sports leagues are short, because he is In one, you can win all, and lose it, there is no chance to revenge.

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And each competition is a city and city, and the contest between Intercontinental Intercontinental is full of seven cities that you live,nike nfl jerseys china and the team competition in the same area has reached a climax. In the eyes of the fans and the audience, they compare the importance of the wholesale nike nfl jerseys team than their own army, and losing the winning for them. Ordinary residents can be seen in the game on their own enthusiasm, because each The fans of a city support the team of the city, so when PK,cheap nfl jerseys from china you can see the support level of our respective teams, usually full, tens of thousands of people are full, this It is possible to press the US other players, including NBA, American football, American hockey.

Other countries outside the United States, such as the Netherlands in Germany, they will have a direct football alliance, this name is special,cheap nfl jerseys from china called the European American Rugby League. The world is the two countries will pop the football competition,nike nfl jerseys china and other countries are just amateur football entertainment. Because in fact, the rules of the American Rugby game are very strict, from the choice of football to the venue to the player jersey to choose the rules of the game, it is specified in the characteristics of the United States, and other countries must imitate it. It is very difficult, and the threshold is extremely high. , That is, we say wholesale nike nfl jerseys, just think of the United States, let's focus on the rules of the game.

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The rules of the competition include the goal of the game, that is, cheap nfl jerseys from china the definition of winning, there is also the requirements of the game,nike nfl jerseys china the venue rules of the game, the contest tools, the game's time, the game of the game, the competition, the competition, the competition Defensive rules, the score of the game, the regulations of the competition, the level of the game, the neutral area of the game, wholesale nike nfl jerseys the position of the game, the logistics group of the game, the basic tactics used by the game, there are sports evaluation, The celebration method of the game, Zhejiang regulations are very comprehensive, and let's introduce it.