Why I’m Here

I’m not doing this so well, this challenge. I’m supposed to be blogging. Others have. I was supposed to sign in before Day 1 and say hello. Others did.  As several said, this is my first blog ever–I mean right now, this thing you are reading. So, wanting to be deep but light, I wrote this:

I enter into this sacred space now. More like a path. Just a path through the trees and over the rocks and down the steps to the edge of the river. Go. No matter what. Go.

I truly felt it, but did not post. And my deep-but-light intentions were soon forgotten.

On Day 1, a little after the sun had dropped below the hills, I managed to squeeze in a sit outside in the waning light. Sounds good, but because something on TV was starting, I set the timer for 8 minutes and after meditating, beat it inside not to miss anything. And now beating myself for not doing it earlier, first thing. Or even second thing, fortieth thing. Or for more minutes. Why am I here?

I listened to Sharon’s Day 1 meditation only this morning on Day 2 as I sat—first thing, though briefly.  I should listen, as a blogger, even if late and backwards—no one will know.

On the audio file, Sharon’s calm voice is saying let go and return…gently let go…forgive ourselves…. And with great kindness to ourselves we can begin again.

Thank you. I will try. That is why I am here.

In deep gratitude, I begin again.

May all beings be happy ♡