Yes, I Scan

So, I would be lying if I said the past couple of days have been easy. I have been challenged with stressful news and I think the meditation has helped me cope. But truly it has been difficult to commit. I missed Day 10. It is amazing how the first thing to go out the window is self-care. This is really the first thing to focus on…alas, the heartening news is that I am back at it. I am refocusing now. Just writing about it is proof I did the practice (combined Day 10 and 11) no matter how brief. I did the body scan and nearly fell asleep. Clearly, my balance between relaxation and alertness is off. I also did focus on the awareness of body sensations while doing everyday activities like walking outside and returning home from work. That has helped to ground me where normally I may have lost patience and resolve. I will sit for another 15 minutes tonight to add to my schedule. I am feeling bizarrely open to any challenge at the same time as resistant. Weird. Is this the middle part of the 28 days??? Middles are always challenging. I will continue on. Forward SIT! Catching up again tomorrow with lesson 12. Wish me luck!

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