Your Body Is Talking To YOU – Are you Listening?

BodyScan is one of my favorite practices. It’s also one of the best ones I teach at my Elementary school.

Bringing awareness to my body, as I slowly scan and notice the sensations, softly focusing my attention to the lingering, dense energy in certain areas, I am present to it where often times it gets suppressed or ignored.

I know Sharon said you don’t need to name the sensations, just notice them.  However, I have had moments where the awareness brings about a realization.

“Grief is hanging out at the bottom of your feet and right hand. Just notice. Breathe into it. Breathe it out. Gently let go. Let be.”

“Hello…fear…is that you on my right shoulder worrying about fundraising for next year?  Breathing in…breathing out.”

“Dear monkeys in my mind that feels like tingling energy in my chest, the circus is closed for tonight.  Can you leave the To Do List for tomorrow?  No need to worry.  It will all get done.”

I am in relationship with the energy in my body. Not judging.  For me, naming it does help dissipate it. I understand the exercise of just noticing. It keeps the mind quiet, inviting a deeper awareness.

I use an app every night to sleep.  The gentle reminder to bring awareness to the different areas of my body and slowly and deeply breathe into it always relaxes me.  It’s just me and my form slowing down for the evening.

Sharon’s voice is calming guide. I AM GRATEFUL.

~ Veronica